How To Put Up Wallpaper

Tips For Beginners

If you have decided to step away from the traditional wall paint and do wallpaper instead, you maybe need a guide on how to do it correctly. If you’ve never tried to hang wallpaper by yourself, these tips will help you make it look great and super easy.

If you’ve already had them, you’ll have to get wallpaper removal first and make sure everything beneath is prepared for your new wallpaper. Before going to get them, you will have to measure the width and height of your walls to know how much you should get. Aside from this, you will need a wallpaper paste, a brush for it, measuring tools, blades, pencils, and clean cloths. Before putting the wallpaper up, you have to make sure that your walls are clean, dry and free from dirt so that the wallpaper will stick firmly.

Wallpaper Removal

Choose the area of the wall that doesn’t have any switches or sockets, and start from there. The easier way is to put the paste on the wall, and then bring the wallpaper to it because you will avoid getting sticky and dirty. Once you place it on top of the wall, you should smooth it gently to make sure there aren’t any air bubbles and parts that remain loose. In case you don’t align it perfectly, you can do a wallpaper removal, just gently peel it off, and start again. When you are sure you got the right position, you can use a cloth to smooth down the edges completely.

This may be your first time putting up wallpaper, but, in fact, it is a DIY project you can do on your own. Just make sure you have the right tools, be patient, and we are sure you will do a great job.