Chemical Industry Machines

Pumps That Are Used

Like many others, the chemical industry uses a lot of different machinery, devices, and technology. This is because every process needs to be done as efficiently as possible and you need a practical way to do it. This time we’re going to talk about the uses of pumps in the chemical industry.

One of the most important and commonest types of pump is bomba centrifuga, which are simple in design, and affordable yet very effective. These pumps draw liquid into the impeller, which is one of the parts of the pump that uses suction and with it creates a vacuum. Another pump that is commonly used is a positive displacement pump, which is highly efficient because it delivers high pressure.

Bomba Centrifuga

They can also be used for low vapor fluids, which have lower speed but create more pressure during the process. Another type of pump that moves liquids or liquid and gas mixtures is a diaphragm pump, which is good because with them you don’t have the risk of leakage and contamination in the process. Maybe one of the most popular designs is turbine pumps that have turbo like impellers that move the liquid. All of these including bomba centrifuga have their specific purpose and are used for different processes.

Most of the industry relies on pumps to do the necessary work, which is why you should know some basic things about them. If you learn how they work, you can decide which one to use for what process and get the most efficiency out of it.