• What Are the Differences Between incfile and swyft filing?

    Filing Taxes in 2019: Which is Easier, Swyft or Incfile?

    We’ve all heard of incfile and swyft filing, but what are the differences between them? They offer very similar services, but here we’ll outline incfile vs swyft filing differences.

    Incfile is a cloud-based company that offers document filing for lawsuits, patent applications and more. They offer plenty of services to meet your needs including:

    · Document Filing Services – incfile will file any legal documents you need filed with the appropriate government agencies on your behalf in just 24 hours or less. The fee varies depending on what type of service you choose but most are under $100 per filing.

    · Legal Document Support – If you have an issue with one of our filings we’ll do whatever it takes to get it fixed as quickly as possible so you can give us feedback on how to improve before proceeding with other filings.

    Incfile may also work with you if you have a question about an existing filing.

    Incfile VS Swyft Filing

    In comparison Swyft filing is a mobile application that allows you to file documents in 24 hours or less.

    Swyft offers document filing and more for businesses, individuals, law firms and even small or mid-size companies. They offer plenty of services including:

    · Filing Services – swyft filings are done quickly by experienced staff members who know exactly what needs to happen in order for your court date to go smoothly without delays from missing signatures or paperwork errors. All prices vary depending on which package is chosen but packages start at $75 per year and increase based on the number of filers as well

    The cost is $25 plus the price of each document filed, so if you have five forms and one will be under copyright protection, it’ll cost an additional $350 ($50 per form) for the copyright filing. This can add up quickly when there are multiple filings with different agencies from patents to trademark registration.

    Swyft also doesn’t offer any support services like incfile does which may end up costing more money down the road as legal issues arise without immediate help available.

    Depending on your needs, it’s important to explore both of these options and determine which is best for you.